Wednesday, 16 April 2014



My Saturdays are often reserved for unplanned time spent in the company of Heather.

It started off with her turning up unexpectedly, uninvited and smiley at my front door at 10a.m after many drinks ( all of which did not make me drunk) the night before. 

She barged into my room, drew my blinds and allowed her unwelcome presence together with the sunshine flood my room. 

Coming between my sleep and the cozy snuggling of my bed I greeted her with my Saturday morning moody and groggy self and demanded an explanation of which I worded as : 
'' What are YOU doing HERE ?!''

Her reply was ''stop moaning and get out,missy.You're coming with me''.

She was a woman with determination on a mission. 
And you know what they say about those type of women, you don't get in their way

I knew better to fight back and so I obliged, politely, without question.

That was the beginning of a tradition.

4 months later it's known as our 'Saturdate' and I'm still obliging to participate. 

What happens on our Saturdates is that we grab our breakfast, which consists of anything we want 
and eat it as we go anywhere we want. 

This time we were going up to my local park for a hike up the hill.

At this point,things went down hill for us.

The hill was so steep it put our friendship to the test. 

I was huffing,puffing and struggling for air.

Her ladyship was not impressed.

Like the noble follower I am of her grace, I told told her to ''go on without me''.

 Upon reaching the top we were greeted by my childhood friend..........

Bambi !

Looking oh so dear he cantered off into the wind and was gone within seconds.
Shame he couldn't stay for peanuts.

On the top of the hill was an old rickety wooden gate leading us back to civilisation.

Trees,grass and bushes were replaced with roads, cars and pavements.
After my long trek I thought I would never see the likes of those again.

 After catching my breath, Heather and I made our way back down.
Which I thank gravity for as I walked down that hill like I was sliding down a slide.

The rest of the day consisted of us talking about anything and everything under the sun. We went from discussing current affairs of politics,religion and race to gossiping about friends,celebrities and boys. 

We compared and reviewed makeup products while cruising online shopping sites.

When we do get bored of each other we turn to our laptops and enjoy one another's company in peace, until we're hungry and then we sort dinner out.

Dinner on Saturdates are a simple,convenient,delicious, quick and silly affair. 

Our dinner was ready in 20 minutes and the trick is to multi-task.

Our main course were goujons, with rice and sweetcorn chosen as our sides.

Often prepared by my favourite Uncle Ben

 and the friendly Green Giant gracing us with his sweet companionship.

Together, the two of them are like two peas in a pod,the bread to the others butter, the chip to the cookie, the salt to the pepper, the marco to my polo.

You get the idea. They're just delightful !

Uncle Ben's rice is just instant rice in a pack that you pop into the microwave for 2 minutes.
It contains no artificial flavours,colours or preservatives. Only the best from Uncle Ben !

While we waited for the fish and rice to cook we boogied to the sound of our giggles and pretended to be ninjas.

Who said you can't dance, be a ninja and set dinner at the same time ?!

The rice and sweetcorn were ready but the fish was still baking. 

After our usual antics we were left even more famished and so we started nibbling on our sides.

Heather ate the sweetcorn straight from the can.

 And I, the rice straight from the packet.

The goujons were now done

and that called for a little celebratory jiggle. 

Heather served the sweetcorn and goujons

 and left the rice to me since it is my specialty.

I bet you thought I started tucking in straight away,but no !

Out of the many qualities I adore Heather for, the one that will always keep her close to my heart (or belly) is that she's very motherly. She spoils me with sweets and treats and is always there to make sure my food has been 'mothered' before I eat it. 

Her mothering habits are almost an OCD but i'm not complaining!

She jumped to my plate,grabbed the knife and cut up my goujons into halves just out of instinct like I was a little kid that needed her food cut up into bite-sized pieces .

That meal was devoured in a matter of 5 minutes.
I wouldn't of been allowed to leave the table if otherwise ! 

The main rule of friendship is to share and I must say, Heather and I do that spectacularly.

We shared the burden of dishes.

Saying ''to me, to you'' over a trillion times. 

'' To me ''

'' To you ''

Chuckling like chuckling sisters .

A date is never a date without dessert and candles but since it is Spring we though we would save the candles for winter when the sun comes down much earlier and abide by the dessert rule.

Twister lollies were our choice to the perfect ending of our perfect meal.

 If only everyday could be Saturdates !

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