Saturday, 22 November 2014


I know this post is long overdue ! But before you witches cast a spell , you ghosts haunt me, and you vampires decide to drink my blood, hear me out.

I have a very good reason for my absence.

I've been counting all my sweets.

Forgive me ?

My Halloween was spent in the company of a monkey,ghoul,gangster,rocker,scarecrow and teeny tiny mythical creatures and monsters that unfortunately you won't be seeing at their request because according to them '' my camera simply doesn't capture their magic (or existence) and if my readers want to see them , all they have to do is believe'' .

Apologies for not photographing everyone at the party, their wish was my command.

My intentions for Halloween this year was to be the White Witch from Narnia. However, I soon realised I was a cross between that and the Snow Queen ; and according to my friends - Storm from Xmen and ''An Asian Elsa from Frozen''.

And you'll see from these photos, I also was a ghost.

And like a Cinderella, I had to leave the party early just when it began to get spook-tacular.

So really, I wasn't actually anything in particular, just a wacky looking version of myself  !

Saturday, 4 October 2014

College in a Month

It's been a month since I've been back at college.

And here's my update for you : I'm surviving !

I trudge the halls looking like the Grim Reaper in mismatched patterns, messy hair and heels. Frolicking my way from media rooms to dance studios and theatres. Working all technical devices on the ''behind the scenes'' to performing and reciting Shakespeare on stage, in front of the camera. 

When I'm not at the library with my head buried in books and my fingers suffering from  a self diagnosis of severe typing spasms ( which occurs only on computer and phone devices ) , my camera is granted the freedom to take as many pictures of whatever I want, whenever I want,with whomever I want.

When it's switched onto this 'Paparazzi' mode , a series of strange people with beautifully peculiar faces at public places are captured during these very rare moments.

Dramatic Morbid Mondays :
So as to pay my respects to the passing away of my holiday, on my first day back I drowned myself in black from head to toe. Saying a few words of peace to the tragedy before stepping into class,wishing it to rest until the weekend .

Tasty Tuesdays :
I hit the local town to run errands, grabbing the chick'n'chap for chicken at Nandos.

Wacky Wednesdays:
The pictures say it all .

Heart-Throbbing Thursdays:
I was very fortunate to have a DJ and an Abercrombie and Fitch model grace their gorgeous faces on my camera.

Tumblr addicts, brace yourselves for this one .
It's Tumblr worthy.
And, in the name of Abercrombie and Fitch, I'll even grant you permission to crop me out of it.

Go on, scroll back up and squeal over his cuteness again. (I know you were already planning to!)

My favourite day of the week !

This may be where the 'freaky' comes in.

I begin the day begging,crying,pleading and wailing like a dying cat for my bothers permission to be his personal paparazzi .

He hates being photographed.

His Fridays are known as Fashion Fridays. He only allows his pictures to be taken once in a full moon. And when he does, it's a '' Karl Lagerfeld not wearing Chanel sunglasses '' occasion. A very grand and rare affair.

After all the fuss, I run back upstairs into my room and throw on whatever I can find in my closet. A clash of colours, patterns and horrible fashion mistakes are usually made on this day . Simply because, it's a Friday and I don't have the strength or will power to make an effort .

With a '' How are we even related ?'' raised eyebrow and a ' toe-to head and then reverse' eye roll coming from Joshy The Fashion Critic, I'm on my way to college.

Fighting the urge to grumble about the time and fidget till the bell rings, I end off the week  politely thanking my teachers for my week of lessons and wishing them a great weekend. Walking away with the grace and demure of a Lady who seems in control and perfectly poised.

Until I'm set homework then every ounce of elegance is gone. 

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